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Volunteer & Internship Application

Thank you for inquiring about our volunteer and internship opportunities. Please fill out the application below and we will get back to you soon.

Volunteer and Internship Application


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In which Program(s) would you like to volunteer? Please select all that apply. For further information, see attached sheets:
In which way(s) would you like to volunteer?
What Is Your Interest?
Do you speak any languages in addition to English?

For the protection of the people who use our services and in keeping with the standards set by non-profit agencies, we are obligated to conduct a background check on all volunteers who have any contact with children, whether directly or indirectly. Felony or misdemeanor convictions do not necessarily disqualify you from joining The Naomi Project. On this basis, would you be willing to submit to a background check (at no cost to you)?

Select an option
Does your Employer have an Employee Volunteer Program and/or an In-kind Giving Program?


Personal Reference (Please, no family members)

Professional Reference (Paid/unpaid) Business/Organization

Other Reference (Personal, professional, school-related)


Please tell us more about you.

Thanks for submitting!

If you prefer to mail us the application please use the link below

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