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About Us

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


It is the mission of The Naomi Project to change the lives of families experiencing domestic abuse after making the choice not to return to their abusers.  We were uniquely created to address the devastation of domestic abuse that contributes to the deterioration of the social fabric in families living and working in South Carolina.


Domestic Abuse has become an ever-growing problem in the framework of the American family. It is our purpose to answer the call of hurting homeless victims and provide them a safe-haven, where they will not only heal but recover and flourish.  The Naomi Project provides victims and their children with long-term housing that is safe and void of verbal, physical, psychological and sexual abuse. In addition, The Naomi Project seeks to help victims develop independence through emotional and psychological healing and obtaining educational and financial stability.


It is the vision of the Naomi Project to reach into the lives of hurting women and children who are homeless and victims of domestic abuse. ​ It is the goal of The Naomi Project to provide long-term, transitional housing, coupled with life and career-building services to victims of domestic abuse who have become financially disadvantaged after fleeing the home and resources they once shared with their abusers.

Scope of Organizational Programs and Activities

The Naomi Project is designed to address traditional and non-traditional problems homeless victims face. For up to one year, we provide a comprehensive approach to helping victims of homeless domestic abuse. First, we provide a safe environment free from abuse. Second, we provide supportive services such as counseling, coaching, encouragement, transportation, tutoring, financial planning, and life skills. The advanced end of our program helps clients establish independence. They learn to rely on themselves, through education and employment opportunities.  When victims transition out of The Naomi Project, they have the freedom of knowing they can live without abuse.

Transitional Housing vs Shelters

​Transitional housing is conceived as an intermediate step between emergency crisis shelter and permanent housing. It is more long-term, service-intensive, and private than emergency shelters, but remains time-limited.

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  • What is the minimum age requirement for consideration?
    ​The minimum age for women is 20 years old. The maximum age for children is 17 years old as long as they are in school.
  • Where is the organization located?
    ​The organization is located in an undisclosed location.
  • How long can I and/or my children stay?
    ​A participant can stay up to one year.
  • Who is allowed to visit?
    ​No one is allowed to visit unless previously approved by the Executive Director.
  • What are the requirements to be considered into the program?
    ​Must have been in a domestic abuse situation.
  • Do we accept emergency situations?
    No, this is a long-term transitional facility. Emergencies and crisis interventions situations are directed towards shelters.
  • Are there other locations?
    ​ There are no other locations.
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