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Getting Back Your Self Worth

Since 2006, the Naomi Project has worked tirelessly to lessen the impact of domestic abuse on women and children. Most women long for stability, healthy relationships, and safe environments, but this longing comes under a cloud of abuse for some.

The Naomi Project cannot do this without your help and generosity. Our success so far has not been by ourselves. Community partners, passionate members of the public, and generous grantors have supported us in our vision.

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The Epidemic

A Letter from our Executive Director

If you would have told me I would one day lead a nonprofit for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, I may have laughed. Although I spent more than forty years as a volunteer for several agencies that served the population, it was far from my outlook I had drawn for my life. However, I was also never one to back down from a challenge-or my calling. After witnessing more and more women survivors experience financial tribulations, damaged self-worth, distorted thoughts, and fear, I knew I had to establish a source of ongoing, collaborative, and comprehensive support.

Founded in 2006, the Naomi Project was created to alleviate the destructive impacts of domestic abuse on women and children. Contrary to the stigma that women do not want to leave abusive relationships, we found that most women long for stability, healthy relationships, and safe environments. The problem was a lack of trusted agencies willing to see them as a whole human. The Naomi Project realized that there are multiple dimensions to individuals and families, and care must be individualized, intentional, and impactful. No longer could domestic abuse continue to cause deterioration of the social fabric in families living and working in the Pee Dee Area. 

Our mission is to build economic security and independence to improve abused women’s chances of living free from abuse in relationships. We remain committed to helping women find and maintain their confidence, independence, and growth.  And for the past sixteen years, we have served hundreds of women and children in our home. Our program spans the course of a year. Providing a safe living environment free from abuse, we are able to add additional supportive services to address the unique needs of each member. Trained volunteers and licensed counselors from various universities and health facilities provide weekly services focusing on life skills, education, financial literacy, and healthy self-esteem and self-worthiness. Our residents learn to rely on themselves through education and employment opportunities while gaining an in-depth knowledge of community resources. Thus, learning self-advocacy skills. When residents depart from our care, we provide them with household items such as living, dining, and bedroom furniture to allow for a smooth transition. 

We cannot do it without you. Our success has not been a solo feat. Community partners, passionate members of the public, and generous grantors have supported us in our vision of no woman being denied access to the avenues needed to leave abusive relationships. 

The Naomi Project needs your help to continue with this mission. 

With your support, we will continue assisting women who are rebuilding and reclaiming their lives. We are committed to helping as many as we can. We offer various levels of support such as: 


  •  One-time payment of $240

  •  $20 a month for a year

  •  $120 every six months

  • Other contribution amounts

We invite you to click the button below to pledge or send your support. Please share this opportunity with at least two family or friends who, like you, believe all women deserve to exist and survive in a safe and supportive world.

With gratitude, 
Joyce G. Ford
Executive Director and Founder

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